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Go Karting Tips - Gosport

Go Karting Tips - Gosport

Karters of Gosport, are you ready? We're here to propose the ultimate challenge: the Gosport Flying Lap. We dare you to take on our incredible multi-level 450m circuit with the skills of a pro.

Below, you'll find our expert TeamSport driver crush the Gosport track at lightning speed. Watch the video to discover our top driving tips, then get yourself down to the racetrack so you can master your own lap in less than 40 seconds flat.

Always wondered what it's like to view our Gosport track through the eyes of a professional karter? Above, our Flying Lap video will take you around the entire track, just make sure you listen out for the pointers to master the most difficult parts of the course.

Surviving the S-Bend

As soon as you set off, your driving skills will be put to the test. Our Gosport track is non-stop action, so prepare yourself for a difficult S-Bend - you don't want to fall behind at the start of the lap!

Master the S-Bend in a few simple steps:

  1. Foot down on the accelerator, make sure you eye-up the first apex as soon as you set off.
  2. Begin to turn slightly into the corner.
  3. Guide your kart around the corner, then dab the brakes as the second corner approaches.
  4. Begin to turn into the second corner.
  5. Clip the apex!
  6. Accelerate out of the corner and continue with the lap.

Mastering the Hairpin

Nailing a hairpin isn't easy, especially when you're travelling at speed. The trick to mastering a tight bend like this is knowing exactly when to brake, all while keeping close to that apex!

Glide around the Gosport hairpin in seconds:

  1. Hairpin approaching - keep to the right, and eye up your brake marker.
  2. Hit the brakes when you reach the marker and begin turning your kart to the left.
  3. Turn towards the apex.
  4. Clip the apex and put your foot back down on the accelerator.
  5. Straighten up, that's your hairpin complete!

Can't wait to put pedal to the metal and test tour your skills in Gosport? Make sure you don't miss out and book your place today!