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Go Karting Tips - Crawley

Go Karting Tips - Crawley

Karters of Crawley, have you dared to take on our International Circuit yet? Stretching an insane 800m across three storeys, this Multi-Level circuit joins our two circuits - both the Le Mans and Grand Prix tracks - together for one epic, high-octane racing masterpiece.

Every second really does count, so make sure you come prepared. Below you'll be able to discover exactly how pros tackle the TeamSport Crawley track, so you can learn how to drive with precision to complete a perfect lap.

Learn from the best, and watch carefully. The video above will show you exactly how to complete a flying lap of our Crawley track. Our karting experts share their tried and tested racing tips, so take note - you're sure to impress your colleagues, friends or family with your new skills.


Are you ready to power gracefully down both levels, to reach the bottom of the Crawley track? Master the corkscrew effortlessly with our step-by-step guide below.   

  1. You're about to approach the first down-ramp. Dab the brakes slightly, before turning your kart.
  2. Take a wide line and go down the ramp full throttle. It's tempting, but don't put your foot on the brakes here!
  3. Hug the barrier on the right-hand side of the track when you reach the bottom. You want to get as close as you possibly can, without touching the barrier itself.
  4. Clip the corner (apex) on the left-hand side.
  5. Power through, and use the full width of the track to help you turn.
  6. Continue at speed, and aim for the second apex.
  7. Head down the second ramp.
  8. Dab the brakes slightly, before drifting around a tight left-hander. When you drift a kart, it may feel like you're a little bit out of control - but don’t panic. Keep your foot off the brakes and enjoy the glide-like feeling as you take the corner.
  9. That's it, Corkscrew complete!


Are you ready? The S-Bend pops up shortly after the Corkscrew, so don't lose your concentration. Don't be afraid to take this section at speed, just be careful when you turn your steering wheel.

  1. Just before you reach the S-Bend, put your foot to the floor and go full throttle.
  2. As you approach the bend, lift off the accelerator and flick your steering wheel left.
  3. Allow your kart to start to drift.
  4. Hug the apex, making sure your kart is as close as possible to the barriers.
  5. Keep left to ensure a perfect exit out of the first section of the bend.
  6. Immediately swing your steering wheel to the right, and clip the second apex (corner barrier).
  7. And that's it, Crawley's tricky S-Bend! You've nailed it, well done!

Think you're ready to hit the track? Reserve your space at TeamSport Crawley online today, and come on down – we can’t wait to meet you! Who knows what your best time will be?