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Go Karting Tips - Bradford

Go Karting Tips - Bradford

Bradford karting fans, you're in for a treat. Packed with challenging chicanes, tight corners and exhilarating ramps, our 580m Multi-Level track will certainly put your skills to the test.

Before you pay a visit to our Bradford venue at Beckside Business Park, however, make sure you read our expert advice below. We have all the tips and tricks you could ever need to help you to impress your fellow drivers and master the perfect lap.


Ready to learn what it feels like to be in the driver's seat? Make sure you check out our flying lap video. Experience the Bradford track from the eyes of one of our TeamSport karting pros, and note down those all-important tips - they're sure to save you vital seconds, which could easily be the difference between winning and losing a race!

Beat the challenging first corner

As soon as you set off, a difficult corner awaits. Remain focused, and don't panic - nailing this first challenge can put you in an amazing position to win the race.

Perfect the first corner:

  1. You're approaching the first corner. Take a sharp turn in.
  2. Wait, then go hard on the brakes.
  3. Watch out, as you turn things can feel very slippy.
  4. Clip the barrier on the edge of the corner (apex)!
  5. Don't be afraid to use the full width of the track to perfect the turn.
  6. Carry your momentum onto the up-ramp and power away, you still have the rest of the track to go!

Nail the fast right-hander

About half-way through the lap, you're going to come up against a tricky right-hander. Speed and control are key here, so keep your eyes on the track ahead of you and get ready to put your foot down!

Take on the right-hander:

  1. Here comes the ramp. Go flat out, and keep your foot down on the accelerator.
  2. As you reach the end of the ramp, remember to keep wide.
  3. Flick the kart into a fast drift
  4. Hug the apex using the kart's grip. By this, we mean you need to get as close to the corner as you can, without actually touching it.
  5. Make sure you keep your steering adjustments to a minimum, to ensure you hold the drift.
  6. Accelerate away, keeping your momentum going until you reach that all important finish line!

Ready to take on our Bradford track? Book your place on the grid, bring your friends and get ready to put pedal to the metal!