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Go Karting Tips - Basildon

Go Karting Tips - Basildon

Looking for a challenge that'll well and truly get your heart racing and palms sweating? Put pedal to the metal at our Basildon branch, and get ready to take on the flying lap.

Before you head out onto our 500m multi-level circuit to smash some records, make sure you watch our videos below. Filmed with our experienced, pro-drivers at the wheel, we're here to give you some key pointers to help you handle even the most difficult manoeuvres with ease. Your mates will think you've been practicing for years!

How quickly do you think you can complete one lap of our Basildon track? Watch our experts, so you can be prepared when you get behind the wheel!

Mastering the slippy right-hander

As soon as you head out onto the Basildon track your skills will be put to the test. After a smooth right turn, you'll face what we like to call a slippy right-hander. Located on the lower section, control is key here, so make sure you know exactly where and when to break!

Tackle the slippy right-hander like a pro:

  1. Straighten up and focus on your break marker. For a right-hander, it'll be on the left.
  2. Got it? Good. Break when you reach it and turn your kart right.
  3. Loosen up on the breaks, the slippy corner is approaching!
  4. Keep turning, and power down as you pass the corner.
  5. Are you ready? Hit the apexes of both the right and left tire walls.
  6. Well done, you've nailed the tricky right-hander.

Facing the first hairpin

Our Basildon track has been designed to test even the best karters, throwing a hairpin at you almost immediately after that slippy right-hander. There's no time to lose, straighten up and brace yourself!

Watch out, here's the hairpin:

  1. Locate your break marker as the hairpin approaches.
  2. Make sure you go gentle on the breaks. The key to a perfect hairpin is striking a balance between speed and control.
  3. Begin the turn into the corner, keeping your eye on the track!
  4. Nail the apex, and then put your foot back down on the gas
  5. Stick tight to the right and turn into a smooth corner
  6. That's it, hairpin mastered.

Ready to show off your skills at our Basildon track? Book today and bring your friends along - there's space for up to 16 drivers to race here!