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BIKC Grid Kids Competition - Video Tips Guide

How you could Win even if you have never made a film before…

Please don’t worry if you have never made a video before, TeamSport have some great tips to help you perfect your entry to the FIA F1 Future Star competition.

  1. Check you are eligible to enter
    Our first tip is to make sure you are fully eligible before you set your heart on the competition. This includes being aged between 8-10, having your advanced cadet academy licence, being an Elite Member of TeamSport Indoor Karting and ensuring you have registered your interest in taking part in the British Indoor Karting Championship at bikc.co.uk.
  1. Take time to read the rules
    The devil is in the detail, please read all the rules before you start filming your competition-winning video entry. The prize of being an F1 Grid Kid is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we know you will put so much time and effort in to your entry, so just double check the rules to ensure your entry meets the requirements. Here are some things to look for in the rules:
  • The competition theme: What do you need to get across in your video? What are they asking for? What can you show them?
  • Closing Date: When does the competition end, how long have you got to submit your video with supporting materials?
  • Video Length: Plan the timings of your video so you ensure you convince the judges your story and your video is the best!
  • Format: Double check the format the video needs to be submitted in
  • File Size: Are there restrictions regarding how large the file can be?
  • Other Considerations: When will you ask your headteacher for her email supporting your entry? Do you want to add music, do you want to be at a TeamSport track, how can you showcase your talent- is it on the track, is it your trophy collection!
  1. Review the Judging Criteria
    How will the videos be judged by the panel? What is it that they are looking for from you in the video? What do you hope your headteacher says about you?
  • About you: how can you best introduce yourselves to the judging panel- what will make you stand out?
  • Why do you want to be an FIA F1 Future Star?
  • What does it mean to you to represent Karting and TeamSport at the British Grand Prix?
  • Who is your F1 hero- past or present and why?
  1. How the winner will be selected?

Consider who is doing the judging? Formula 1 experts are on the panel for the FIA F1 Future Star competition so bear this in mind when making your video- what is it they want to see and hear from you?  

  1. Why is your story and entry special?

Give this lots of thought, think about how your message can be as powerful as possible within the short time available. How does it fit within the theme of the competition? People love to laugh and they love to feel good, but most of all they want to be gripped from start to finish when watching your video entry. What makes you the best choice for this years FIA F1 Future Star? Why should you stand with the F1 heroes at the start of Silverstone 2020?

  1. Powerful start

A gripping start is bound to get their attention, grab that audiences attention with a strong hook from the fist couple of seconds and never let them go again until the end. Make every second of the video count.

  1. Flattery gets you everywhere

If you think it’s appropriate you could consider the following; mention your F1 heroes by name, showcase your karting journey with TeamSport, shout about your successes, be thankful to those that support and enable you to pursue your love for the sport.

  1. Preparation is key

Once you have a plan in place for what you want to talk about and include in the film, plan ahead with a script. This will avoid you stumbling on words. Practice is so important, do it in front of the mirror, to your parents or friends.

  1. Check out timings

Will your video entry meet the timing requirements? Have a run through a few times to check on the stop watch how long it takes and tweak as you need to.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Choose a great location for your filming. A cluttered, noisy background probably won’t look the best so give the location some thought. Perhaps a plain background, perhaps a trophy or two, or perhaps you have time to get to your local TeamSport track and film on the podium or trackside? What will you wear? You could wear a t-shirt with your F1 hero on it, you could wear your racesuit or come and borrow a TeamSport racesuit if filming at the track.

  1. Filming day

Once you are happy with your script, choice of location and you have practiced it enough to sound natural it’s time to get the camera rolling. Ask for some help from a parent or sibling with this part to ensure you get the best possible result. Luckily our phone cameras are brilliant for filming these days so you don’t need to invest in cray equipment to get a super film.

Be sure you have good lighting so you are clear and there is no glare and perhaps try and do a few takes so you have more to choose from.

FINALLY… At the point you are happy with your video and the final edits, double check you have followed all the guidelines and ready to go, submit your video together with your supporting email from the headteacher and we wish you GOOD LUCK!!!