Summer Corporate Party Ideas For Work

1 June 2022

Looking to host a corporate summer party to reward your colleagues for their hard work? With so many routes to go down, from a classic barbecue party to something more adventurous like go karting, it can be tricky knowing where to start. If you’re looking for some corporate summer party ideas to wow your colleagues and ensure your event is one to remember, we have you covered. Here are the best corporate event entertainment ideas for the summer months, so your colleagues can let their hair down and party as they deserve.

Host a classic BBQ:

While hosting a barbecue for a summer party may be a more obvious choice, they can be versatile. Why not wow your colleagues with more unusual food options than standard burgers? Just make sure to cater to a range of dietary requirements so all colleagues are well fed! To set the barbecue apart from all the rest, you could even have a particular dress code or theme, or hire some live music to really get the party started.

Fight your way to victory with Laser Combat:

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Office Olympics:

Like a sports day for adults, hosting an office Olympics can be an out-of-the-box way to bring your colleagues out of their comfort zone and test their teamwork skills. Deciding to host an office Olympics is one thing, but coming up with ideas for the various challenges is another. Why not ask your colleagues to get creative and suggest ideas for ‘sports’ you can all compete in? It’s a great way to get let off some steam and connect with colleagues you don’t often interact with. Remember to host an awards ceremony at the end!

Go for rooftop drinks:

If you’re looking to celebrate in style, a rooftop bar can be the perfect location to celebrate the return of the sun. Rooftop drinks can make for a party to remember, with stunning views and cocktails to tickle your tastebuds. Why not throw some entertainment into the mix, like live music or a quiz? Rooftop drinks make for a memorable corporate party that will get people talking.

Get competitive with Putt Club:

If you’re looking for a unique summer party activity that shows your colleagues’ competitive side, Putt Club crazy golf is the answer. Putt Club is essentially motorsports mixed with crazy golf - there’s nothing more fun than that, right? It’s a great way to get your colleagues working together, having a laugh and trying something new.

Road trip to the beach:

Why not make your corporate summer party a whole day experience with a road trip to the beach? Hire some minivans, pack the deck chairs and a picnic and let your colleagues soak up the sun and completely unwind. It’s a fairly low-budget way to celebrate summer and your colleague’s hard work. Once the sun sets, you could make use of disposable barbecues to cook up a storm on the beach!

Race it out with some go karting:

Get the adrenaline pumping and a sense of competition flowing with a go karting summer party. There’s no better way to let your hair down and have a laugh together - whether you’re a newbie to go karting or a regular behind the wheel. It’s a great way for your colleagues to get to know each other better and try something new. Compete for that top spot on the leaderboard before hitting the bar for a round of drinks.

Scavenger hunt:

If you’re looking for a unique summer party idea that gets your colleagues on their feet, a scavenger hunt may suit your taste. You can make it personal, using whatever items and locations you like, and even create a map for your colleagues to follow! Split your colleagues into teams to work together, and get them to interact with those they wouldn’t usually work with. Once you’ve finished and awarded the winning team their prize, you can head to a nearby bar to celebrate.

Summer campout:

A summer corporate party doesn’t need to be super serious! Why not opt for a cosy campout to relax and enjoy each other’s company away from the office? Cook up a feast on the barbecue, light the bonfire and get the drinks flowing. Not only is a summer campout a more affordable party option, it’s also something different and a great way to get to know your colleagues. Once you’re all partied out you can head to your tent for a peaceful night’s sleep!

Outdoor cinema:

Why not escape any work-related stress with an outdoor cinema party? You could choose to attend a public screening, or organise it yourselves. Hire a large screen, get some food at the ready and decide on a movie that your colleagues will love. To make the event more exciting, why not set a dress code themed to the movie? The options for making an outdoor cinema party your own are endless. A night at the movies is a party your colleagues won’t forget.


Why not combine giving back to your local community and spending time with colleagues? Volunteering is a unique summer party idea, which can improve colleague relationships and teamwork, while helping others. Contact a local charity, host a fundraiser or host a beach or park clean-up to remove litter from the local area. You’ll get

the enjoyment of working together with your colleagues with the rewarding feeling of making a difference. Once you’re finished you can go on to celebrate however you choose!

Staff retreat:

For some, the thought of a weekend or week-long sleepover with your colleagues sounds a bit over-the-top - but it doesn’t need to be! A staff retreat can be a relaxed, fun-filled adventure that you can make your own. Choose a location, either close-to-home or abroad and plan some leisure activities to get to know each other and destress. Make sure you have a range of activities to choose from so your colleagues are comfortable and excited to take part.

Top tips for planning a summer corporate party:

Looking to plan a summer corporate party your colleagues will love? Here are our top tips for planning the best summer work party:

1. Start early: The sooner you start planning for your corporate summer party, the more organised things will be. Get a social team together to make sure all areas are covered, and create a list of all the tasks you need to tick off to ensure the party is a success. 2. Type of party: Perhaps you’d prefer to keep things relaxed with an outdoor cinema, or you’re looking to celebrate in style with a rooftop bar? We’ve got plenty of suggestions above for throwing a great summer bash. 3. Ask the team: To ensure everyone is on board, you may prefer to ask the team what type of party they would enjoy most, so everyone has a say. Conduct a poll on Slack or send an email with the options so they can vote! 4. Set a budget: It’s important to set a budget for the event beforehand so you know what money you have to work with. Perhaps you have a social budget that you need to stick to, or maybe you have an unlimited budget to play with. Knowing your budget helps set expectations and ensures there’s no nasty bill at the end that the business can’t afford. 5. Take dietary requirements seriously: It’s important to take dietary requirements and allergies seriously if you’re having food at the party. Make sure to ask your employees of their dietary requirements beforehand so you have food options covered for everyone.

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