Half Term Activities In London

Half Term Activities In London

31 January 2015

Finding things to keep yourself amused this half term is not as tricky as you might think – especially in London where you can’t walk in a straight line without bumping into an activity.

Fortunately, being friends with The Dark for so long has meant that I have built up an arsenal of tasks to suggest every time the magic words “I’m bored” are uttered. So karters, friends and parents, here are a few of my top activities to make this half term break decidedly un-boring.

Karting @ your local TeamSport track

Well I had to start off with karting didn’t I?! All joking aside though, karting is safe, fun and easy on the pocket. Not only can kids challenge each other to an epic battle but they can also invite their mates along; guaranteed to make them an overnight ‘cool kid in school’. If they’ve never karted before, don’t worry - we’ll show them the ropes. Our Junior Track Days for young’uns are designed to assess their skills and cater accordingly, whether they are an F1 driver in the making or a first time karter. So what’s in it for the adults? You can get your kids to do something constructive (that has nothing whatsoever to do with computer games) and you get to have a few quiet(ish) minutes to yourself trackside with a coffee. Unless you fancy donning a race suit too…? Our Family Madness sessions get all the family involved and we even throw in lunch. As if you aren’t already dying to get behind the wheel, here’s a little sweetener: If you are over 12 years of age you will get a free session when you kart at West London, and you’ll be in with the chance of winning a month’s free karting. A win-win if ever I heard one.

Walk with Dinosaurs @ The Natural History Museum

Now this is not for the faint-hearted – no-one wants a repeat of The Dark’s unfortunate bladder incident when confronted by a life-size T Rex – but definitely a ‘must do’. This unbelievable moving dino gallery manages to bring to life everything pre-historic for you to explore and experience. If you want to learn more than you did by watching Jurassic Park, and scare your own pants off, then this is the place to go.

Science of the fun variety @ The Science Museum

Hands up if you thought school science classes were boring? Yep thought so. If your hand is raised then you absolutely have to get the National Science Museum and do some thoroughly not-boring science. Bet you didn’t know it has a Spacelab and a cinema? Then you’d better check it out.

If you leave this place still thinking that science is boring then I’ll eat my lab coat.

Park it @... just around the corner

Do you know how many parks London has to offer? Well it’s…. a lot. And most of them are furnished with more benches, playgrounds and ducks that you can shake a loaf of bread at. 

Who cares if the weather isn’t great? Put that computer joypad down, get togged up, get outside and enjoy kicking a ball about on that funny stuff called grass.

Get wet @ The Lee Valley White Water Centre

If you are anything like me and watched the Olympic canoeing and kayaking races with jaw dropping admiration then you will be chuffed to hear that you can re-enact these water sports for yourself where the Olympic races took place.

Training’s included for all ages and abilities, so don your life jacket, nose peg and nerves of steel and get on those rapids. If you like the adrenaline of karting then this is definitely for you.

Cable fun @ The Emirates Air Line

If you are afraid of heights, don’t do this. If you are not, do it. Crossing the Thames in a cable car makes you feel like king of the world, there’s no denying it. The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs less than 650 penny sweets so well worth it for the amazing views and smug satisfaction that you have finally found a FUN form of public transport. 

Whatever you are up to this half term, try something new. Pick up a new hobby – there are plenty of activities out there guaranteed to get you out of the house and put a grin on your face.