Good News for the Future of the Australian Grand Prix

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Roy Walker is confident the Australian Grand Prix is safe beyond 2015

22 March 2011

A couple of blogs ago I talked about how the Australian Grand prix might be in jeopardy of being cut from the Formula 1 calendar, you can read it here. However, good news has come about from Roy Walker, the Australian Grand Prix promoter, that the Australian Grand Prix has a future beyond that of its current deal up to 2015. It was speculated that the Mayor or Melbourne Robert Doyle had spoken out about the Grand Prix and considered it too expensive for the city to host, this prompted Bernie Ecclestone to say that he’d have no problems cutting it from the Formula 1 calendar but would regret doing so. Recently though, the Lord Mayor has promptly turned around and fully supports the Grand Prix, saying how much exposure and free to air TV the event brings to the Australian Capital. This has given Roy Walker complete confidence that the Grand Prix will be safe for its future in Formula 1. It’s a good thing that this issue can be resolved so quickly, the Australian Grand Prix is a vital step in the world of Formula 1, being not just a great track but also a superb viewing experience.