How Important is a Formula 1 Track?

Bernie Ecclestone States his view on the Australian Grand Prix

16 March 2011

As a venue, it has been part of the World Championship for a long time and it would be a shame if we were to lose it.

The future of the Melbourne track has been debated for a while and there is still no official word as to whether the contract will be renewed. It’s an expensive product to buy, the rights to hold a Formula 1 Grand Prix there, considering it doesn’t make a profit. It goes without saying that purchasing a service for a fee entails you to benefit from certain perks and in this case it’s a large amount of televised coverage but if that is unwanted then there’s no need to buy into this Formula 1 Grand Prix. It’s a shame to think that we might lose a great Formula 1 track from the Championship but its like any other track, each has its own uniqueness and personality. Losing the Australian Grand Prix would be just as bad as losing a track such as Monaco, it may not be as Iconic or induce the same nostalgic sensations but that doesn’t mean it’s not a worth while race.