Adventurous corporate Christmas party ideas

7 November 2022

The office Christmas party is one of the few occasions in the working year when co-workers get to let their hair down and blow off a little steam. This step beyond everyday formalities will help your employees get to know each other better, improving teamwork and building esprit de corps. The Christmas party has also become a widely recognised way to reward employees for all their hard work over the preceding 12 months. A lavish bash - delicious food and drink, entertainment, fun and games - tells employees their contributions are valued and creates a suitably festive mood as the year draws to a close.

Planning a unique office Christmas party:

But despite the above, too many companies opt for the humdrum and ordinary when planning their Christmas party. If you have the budget, think bigger than the cocktails round the photocopier or a trip to the local Chinese restaurant. There are plenty of fun and unique work Christmas party ideas to choose from. An unusual or adventurous Christmas party sends the right message to employees: you are not a conventional company. You value the creative, the unusual and out-of-the-box thinking. You are willing to go that extra mile to inspire them. Let’s explore some of the very best corporate Christmas party activity ideas. Make this year’s event one to remember!

DIY photo booth party:

DIY photo booths make a great addition to any party. In addition to Christmas parties, they have become popular at wedding receptions too. They allow guests to take impromptu photos of themselves and their friends or significant others. For the basic experience, you will need a camera on a tripod, a selection of disposable cameras, or a phone on a selfie stick, plus an eye-catching backdrop of some kind. Your guests will then be sent their photos after the big day. Alternatively, why not lay on a suitable printer allowing them to print out their photos there and then? For added pizzazz, why not provide polaroid cameras, for fun, on-the-spot print-outs that are enticingly different from the phone camera photos we are all so familiar with? You could even hire an actual photo booth camera!

Bungee jumping:

It’s certainly not suitable as an after-dinner entertainment - but indoor bungee jumping in a suitably equipped venue can make for a very exciting afternoon outing, before the actual Christmas dinner. But do remember that not every employee will want to take part. Bungee jumping is not suitable for employees with limited mobility, health

conditions, or simply a fear of heights! So if you are keen to lay on bungee jumping, provide alternative activities for those who cannot take part.

Mock bar crawl:

A mock bar crawl can provide simple, unpretentious fun. Set up a number of pretend bars in different locations across the party venue, and equip each with different drinks. Participating guests then move from bar to bar, sampling all the available drinks. A good time is bound to be had by all, but things might get loud!

Go karting:

This is another high adrenaline option for a more adventurous corporate Christmas party. Take your employees to a go karting track for a few hours of racing fun before the Christmas dinner. Go karts come in different shapes and sizes to suit different confidence levels - from simple push-and-go designs to speedier motorised models, from single person karts to dual control designs - suitable for a jaunt around the track with an instructor friend. Ensure you hire a fully licensed, safety-conscious operator for your afternoon of high speed fun. Team Sport is a premier go-karting operator, ideal for corporate events, with no less than 35 well-equipped tracks across the country. Get in touch and book go-karting for a more adventurous office party this Christmas!

Murder mystery:

An exciting murder mystery offers first-rate Christmas party entertainment suitable for more or less everyone. If you’re feeling creative you can devise the event yourself and volunteer employees to perform each role. But it may be easier to simply hire a troupe of professional performers: a pricier option but the acting will be first rate!


Skydiving is perhaps the ultimate adrenaline junkie option for a corporate Christmas party event. Like bungee jumping, this is not an event that will be suitable for all employees, so we would certainly recommend some polling and careful planning if this idea appeals. Safety is again paramount so the skydiving operator you choose for your event must be fully licensed and carefully audited.

Team holiday:

A Christmas jaunt abroad makes a first-rate festive perk if you have the budget available. Most employees would relish a few days in a foreign city seeing the sites and getting to know each other that little bit better. Remember that luxury hotel accommodation isn’t necessary - a two or three-star hotel will cut the costs of a team holiday quite considerably.

Christmas karaoke:

Old school karaoke provides excellent Christmas party entertainment. It will appeal most to your extroverted employees, those who enjoy singing and being the centre of attention - at least for a few minutes. Karaoke equipment is easy to source and inexpensive to hire.

How much does a Christmas party cost?

This is very much a “how long is a piece of string?” question. You can spend little - or you can spend a lot, depending on just how luxurious an event you want to lay on. The more money you spend, the more your employees will be dazzled - but most companies will have a budget they need to stick to.

How to find the perfect Christmas party venue:

We recommend devoting a little time to research. Do some Googling and draw up a shortlist, then visit each potential venue to assess the facilities and decide how suitable it will be for your planned event. Alternatively, you may decide to stick with the tried and tested and rehire venues used for previous Christmas parties. Personal recommendations can also be a timesaver: ask clients and contacts whether they rate any venues in particular.

How to secure budget for the Christmas party:

This issue is best addressed in meetings, during which the intended function of the planned party is agreed. Do you just want to tick a few boxes on the annual to-do list, or do you really want to reward your team for going above and beyond? If you want management to sign off on a larger than usual Chrstmas party budget, you will normally need to make a good case for the extra funds - so make sure you are prepared.

Christmas party ideas without alcohol:

Although alcohol tends to be central to most corporate Christmas parties, it is important to remember that not everybody drinks. They may have a religious objection, avoid alcohol for health reasons, or just simply don’t enjoy it. Or they may simply not like the taste. Whatever the reason, don’t forget the non-drinkers in your company. Party-friendly alternatives to alcohol include: ● Tonic water ● Quality soft drinks ● Alcohol-free wine ● Alcohol-free beer ● ‘Mocktails’ (non-alcoholic cocktails) ● Alcohol-free punch

How to make your Christmas party as inclusive as possible:

Not everyone enjoys loud parties. Some people find them stressful and tiring. If you want your corporate Christmas party to be as inclusive as you can make it, provide quieter areas, don’t force everyone into large groups, and include corporate Christmas activities that play to the strengths of your more introverted employees - for example, quizzes or board games.

How to ask your team what they really want for their Christmas party:

If you really want feedback and ideas from your team, send round a group email outlining the options and asking for feedback. Collate the responses and use them to start planning your party. Another approach might be to run a poll on Slack or Microsoft Teams, to get everyone’s preferences taken into consideration.

Choose go karting for your next Christmas party:

Looking for a unique and fun-filled Christmas party that will be sure to wow your colleagues? Try the very best in indoor go-karting with Team Sport! We operate multiple venues across the country and our corporate team-buidling events are a popular way to get your colleagues together to enjoy themselves, whatever the occasion. Contact us today and get into the festive spirit!