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Have you ever wondered who would win the race between a Petrol and Electric kart? Can you predict who will be the next Formula One champion? Do you want to be the first to know about our exciting Competitions to win epic karting prizes? Well this is the place to come and get the low down on everything our team has got to say – whether it’s go karting, Formula One, sports, video games or just general knowledge up for discussion! You’ll want to get involved.

Be sure to check out our blog every month for the latest – and don’t miss out on some of our biggest prizes up for grabs in regular competitions. .

Ultimate Christmas Parties

You may not be ready to swap your helmet for a Santa hat just yet, but like it or not, Christmas is coming and it needs a bit of planning.

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Mates before dates

The key to happy coupledom! Find out why you deserve guilt-free friend time; TeamSport has the facts.

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Bored This Summer?

I am sure everyone remembers that feeling you got at the start of the summer holidays; that feeling of all-encompassing joy at knowing that you have got at least six weeks of freedom stretching out in front of you.

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