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TeamSport’s Bruce is the king of karting. He was karting before karts were invented and nobody can beat his lap times (his words not ours!). He prides himself in knowing everything about all things with 4 wheels. He is an avid F1 fan and his predictions about who he thinks will be on the podium are scarily accurate, so if you want to keep ahead of the pack then read his motorsport news blog.

He will help you get your head around the new technology that dominates the action in the new F1 season and will offer guidance as to the new rules and challenges. Some of the drivers are struggling to get to grips with the new tech, but Bruce seems to have it nailed and is waiting to tell you all about it. In addition to being a total F1 geek, he will also give you the latest news, information and tips about what to look out for during the next Grand Prix. His insight will bring a new dimension to your race viewing, so check out his monthly blog here.

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Design-My-Kart Competition

This summer, we asked you guys to design your idea of the most awesome kart ever and wow, the results truly were on fire! Check out some of our winning entries - from eco-friendly karts, unicorn racers, melon fruitiness and sea-side heroes to magical rainbows and flame blasting rockets – thanks to our super awesome designers!

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Design-My-Kart Competition

Can you design the most epic kart ever? We're thinking flying karts, bright colours and pure awesomeness! Our favourite designs have the chance to WIN karting and our top designer will also WIN a Super Karts Scalextrics set. All entries must be submitted by 4th September 2017.

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Fast Cities

Brits racked up an incredible 2.3 million speeding offences across the areas covered by 36 police forces in 2016 – leading to a heavy cost in terms of both fines and the safety of our roads.

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Petrol vs Electric 1.jpg (1)
Petrol Vs Electric

Electric cars have been making huge strides over the past decade or so. Read the biggest myths on green energy and find out more about the full potential of electric cars! 

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Christmas cringers: Which party persona are you?

With Christmas just around the corner, businesses up and down the country are starting to plan their annual Christmas do.

For some, this may take the form of a spot of lunch at a fancy-pants restaurant, while for others, it may result in a series of tequila shots at their colleague's desk. Either way, regardless of whether your team decide to go down the traditional or contemporary route, there are some things that'll be the same across the board this December.

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