Win Festival of Speed Tickets in Kart-Champs Weekly Lottery

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Win Festival of Speed Tickets in Kart-Champs Weekly Lottery

7 July 2010

Don’t miss out on your chance to win this fantastic prize.

Team-Sport has managed to get their hands on three pairs of tickets to Goodwoods Festival of Speed 2011, how fantastic is that, and they’re not going to be greedy and keep them for themselves. Instead they are giving you the opportunity to win them in our weekly lottery. I’ve already written a blog post about Goodwoods Festival of Speed, with all the details describing how brilliant an event it is but every time I mention it I just can’t contain myself and need to just preach its specatularness. The only thing I can think of that is better would be to drive one of Team-Sports Karts around the Crawley track non-stop for 24 hours; I call it ‘Le Bruce 24 heures’.

How do you enter this weekly lottery?

The answer is very simple; all you need to do is enter a lap-time into Team-Sports Kart-Champs to be in with a shot of winning those Festival of Speed 2011 tickets. This is really easy, I mean even my hamster was able to understand how to compete. Once you have submitted your fastest lap time at any of the Team-Sport tracks you’ll automatically be entered into the weekly lottery. Finally, for all you subscribers, you’re in with a real treat this week. Check for your latest email to find out more, and if you’re not a subscriber then now is a really good time to sign up to see what you’re missing out on. So head on down to your local TeamSport track and get your lap time in now, the winners will be announced at the start of next week.