Will Formula 1 Get To Race at Bahrain This Season?

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Speculation over the future of Bahrain’s participation in Formula 1

23 February 2011

Unless you’ve been living with your head in the clouds the past few weeks

you would have caught wind of some of the major upsets in the Northern African countries and spreading all over the Middle-East. Now I’m no biased news source but in such affected countries it seems that people are finally beginning to win; only time will tell how such events will better their countries and way of life. How has this affected Formula 1 then? Well put simply the protests have swept across the Middle-East and inspired the people of Bahrain to rise against the way they are treated as a people and until a sensible resolution has come to pass I don’t think we shall see many signs of a race appearing here anytime soon. In the meantime the race seems to have been postponed but a lot of sources are saying that it has been cancelled, I’m still unsure of the actual status of the race but if I find out I’ll let you know. If it is postponed, which some have speculated at, it would mean that the race would fall on a weekend between two other Grands Prix, which would give us a three consecutive weekend racing schedule. If this happens I really don’t envy those teams and drivers because that is a lot to ask of them, in terms of schedule and cost. Should Formula 1 return to a country where such protests have taken place? In my honest opinion I feel a little let down by the big decision makers in Bahrain. It’s never really been a popular venue with the Bahrainis and especially in a country that is having troubles the last thing you want to do is splash out money on hosting a Formula 1 event. However, credit is given where it’s due, the decision on whether or not the Grand Prix would go ahead was given to the King of Bahrain and he rightfully chose to not go ahead with it at this time. All the teams and drivers seem to have had a positive response to this decision and I think the whole community is also behind it not going ahead too. So now we can look forward to the Australian Grand Prix, it has offset the start of the season by about 14 days so all the counters have gone back up… will we ever reach the start of the season! In the meantime keep that adrenalin fuelled racing spirit in its peak condition by coming karting at one of team sports 11 awesome indoor karting tracks, book now.