Will Formula 1 get to go to Korea for its Grand Prix?

Fears over Korean Grand Prix track; will it be finished on time?

1 October 2010

The time is drawing near for Korea to host its first ever Grand Prix

but there are fears that it might not happen. Bernie Ecclestone has expressed his doubts over whether or not the Korean Grand Prix will go ahead after concerns that the track may not be finished in time. He hopes that the race will go ahead as planned but until the track passes an FIA inspection his concerns will still remain. The track has had its fair share of setbacks with regard to being up and running on time. It was due for an FIA inspection on the September the 21st but that was a public holiday in Korea. The date for the inspection is October the 1th. Kim Jae-Ho, a spokesman for Korea Auto Valley Operation has said that work on the track will be finished in time for the Grand Prix on October the 24th and he has no concerns that the track will pass its inspection in two weeks’ time. I think we’re all hoping that the track will be finished on time, it will have a heavy impact on the Championship if there is to be only three venues remaining instead of the planned four. Mark Webber leads the Drivers’ Championship currently by 11 points ahead of Fernando Alonso who won the last two races at Singapore and Monza and trailing them in Third is Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren driver hasn’t had much success lately after failing to finish two races on the trot and collecting no points, leaving his rivals to move ahead of him but still within one race win’s worth of points. The next Grand Prix is on the 10th of October in Japan followed then hopefully by Korea and then continuing on to finish with Brazil then Abu Dhabi. Well there's no guarantee that Korea will have their track finished but guess who has... yes that's right, we have. A brand new track about to go live, find out more about it here on the London Tower Bridge page.