Will drivers be allowed DRS at the Monaco Grand Prix?

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Is DRS too dangerous to be used at the Monaco Grand Prix?

26 April 2011

There have been reports that the new DRS technology that has been brought in for this 2011 Formula 1 season could be too dangerous to use at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Apart from the straight being too short for use of the system to be prevalent, there are concerns that unlimited use of the system during practice sessions could mean loss of control. As we all know by now, the DRS essentially lessens the downforce produced by the car and therefore allows it to increase its speed as it isn’t being hindered by those forces. However, Monaco being the track it is requires each car to use the maximum potential downforce it can produce in order to better handle the corners, and we all know Monaco has some hairy corners. The decision for the use of DRS will be made with the drivers and teams at the Turkish Grand Prix. I’m all for safety and the concerns raised are quite valid but didn’t we see similar principals applied to the cars via the F-duct last season? What about those classic views of Senna blitzing around Monaco with only one hand? Safety first as a rule but perhaps a little excitement could be warranted with the proper restrictions applied?