TeamSport's Top 10 tracks in the world

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TeamSport's Top 10 tracks in the world

14 August 2014

The best and biggest tracks around the world are always changing, so we've been looking at the top tracks from the last few years and here's our pick of the best of the best, from crazy 4-level tracks to ones you can almost see from space! Check them out below and let us know if you’ve ever raced at any of them or if you’ve got any suggestions for our list!

#10 Extreme Indoor Karting

Location: East Tamaki, New Zealand New Zealand's only multi-level track with sweeping bends, a flyover and an overall great track layout. 200cc petrol karts mixed with great track engineering makes this one for us to all test out on our next visit down under!

#9 Fastimes

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana With a 900ft multi-level track and fantastic 40mph karts, we couldn’t really leave Fastimes out of the list, as it’s a fantastic venue ready to cater for all levels and abilities of racer. It's a great fun track with a really well thought out layout.

#8 Monarto Karting Complex

Location: Monarto, Australia Also known as "The Go Karting Club of Southern Australia" this track is epic!! One for just the toughest racers with over 1km of track! Not sure how you’d feel racing in the heat in a full race suit and helmet though #sweatyracing!

#7 Monticello Karting

Location: Monticello, Florida The track was designed by Pablo Montoya, father of former Indy 500 winner, Formula 1 driver and now NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya. The mile-long circuit features 19 turns and can be run in either direction, plus it's 27ft wide, so it is a racer's dream circuit!

#6 The Track

Location: Branson, Missouri Yes this place is actually real! There is a 4 storey corkscrew and stunning downhill ramp from it which looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to give it a go! Strictly for the family-fun drivers out there and not for our budding F1 superstars, the venue hosts 5 different tracks to suit all different age groups and abilities, and all of them look like they should be on a Mario Kart game rather than actually exist!

#5 Mosport International

Location: Bowmnaville, Ontario Located just outside of Mosport Speedway, Mosport International Karting is a whopping 1.5km track which boasts 12 corners and elevated surfaces and it annually hosts the most competitive karting races on the planet. With karts capable of 50mph this track really could test even the very best of us!

#4 TeamSport Karting London Docklands

Location: London, UK Pushing the boundaries of indoor karting as close to the City as we possibly could, this track has it all. 2 levels, 40mph karts, banked corners and some challenging ramps and corners, it's perfect for any day or evening out and to top it all off there is a fully licensed bar so you can celebrate that win in style!

#3 Kart Kountr

Location: Sheperdsville, Kentucky We just couldn’t leave the longest track in the World off the list! With 1.5 miles of track to race it out on and karts called ‘Thunderbolts’ who doesn’t want to give this one a go!

#2 Dubai Autodrome

Location: Dubai, UAE Dubai has everything-including an indoor ski village-but best of all is the Autodrome, the home of everything you could possibly want to do in something powered by an engine and home to two fantastic karting tracks. There's one outdoor 1.2km track and one indoor 620m track, both multi-level and state of the art (it is Dubai!). I’m not sure I would ever leave!

#1 TeamSport Karting Crawley

Location: Crawley, UK TeamSport Crawley is the flagship track of the company, really pushing track and karting engineering. It is the first 3-level track in the UK with over 800m of hair-raising bends, banked track, steep drops and testing corners. This is the track for you all to come and test your driving skills on!