Sebastian Vettel Grabs a Thrilling win at the Belgian Grand Prix

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Red Bull makes it a one-two at the Belgian Circuit

30 August 2011

It’s been almost a month since we last saw a Formula 1 car rip around a racing circuit at breakneck speeds and adrenalin-rushing forces but that hasn’t taken any momentum out what is shaping up to be a definitely Red Bull dominated season. It was rumoured early on in the season that Red Bull would destroy the competition but I think the Belgian Grand Prix really showed how powerful they are. Webber had a relatively bad start, not his first of the season either, so I think he either needs to go back to clutch-control school or he needs to have the engineers take a look at his car. Mercedes had a blinding performance,, with Rosberg taking an early lead of the Grand Prix but eventually being undone by superior driving from Vettel. Schumacher raced an exceptional Grand Prix starting in 24 and placing fifth; Rosberg finished sixth. McLaren had a rather unfortunate time out on track with mixed up decisions and unlucky collisions, one of which left Lewis Hamilton out of the race as he collided with Kobayashi. Jenson Button managed to make a superb performance stick and finished with a well-deserved podium place after starting in 13th. We’ve been treated to what can only be described as an exceptional start to the second half of the Formula 1 season, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how second and third place are fought for in the driver’s championship, because Sebastian Vettel has well and truly demolished any hopes of anyone else being crowned the winner.