Robert Kubica is unlikely to return to Formula 1 for 2011

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The Renault driver won’t be participating in any Grand Prixs this year

23 May 2011

After his tragic accident nearly four months ago, Renault driver Robert Kubica has made a fantastic progress on his road to recovery but the Renault team owner,

Gerard Lopez, has said it’s unlikely that he’ll be racing again in this 2011 Formula 1 season. Lopez has offered Kubica a few practice sessions back in the car if would aid his recovery, it is unknown whether or not Kubica is interested or even capable of taking up such an offer, but as long as it’s on the plate I can’t see why he would pass it up when he’s in a better condition. Lopez has concerns over whether or not Robert will be able to continue his F1 career but I still think it’s too early to make any predictions. Renault’s performance this year has tailed off since the beginning where they achieved a couple of podium positions. Vitaly Petrov’s qualifying sessions in Spain prove that the car has the power and quality to be competitive but with a near rookie status Vitaly is unable to push the car to its potential during the race. Let’s all hope Kubica has a swift recovery and look forward to seeing him race once again in 2012.