Renault set to launch the ‘Lotus Renault GP R31’ Car

Renault joins Sauber by launching its 2011 F1 car in Valencia

10 January 2011

Come the end of January will be a very exciting time,

Renault and Sauber are planning to unveil their 2011 Formula 1 cars in Valencia. It will continue the designated model numbering system by incrementing to R31. I’ve already talked about previously what is happening with the Lotus teams and who has what and what is going where. It’s a rather unusual time for Lotus but with the help of Renault the hope is that they will deliver a competitive car that delivers some results. Come the 31st of January the car will be unveiled three-quarters of an hour after the Sauber is unveiled. This is a pretty precise time so don’t ask me what the significance of that is but I’m sure there is a pretty sound reason for the time difference. The team will show off their black and gold livery on an earlier car later next week at the Autosport international show in Birmingham. Black and gold sounds rather like classic Lotus to me, so I hope to be wowed by a potentially spectacular paint job. There’s nothing quite like giving the fans of Lotus something to talk about. Not that they have enough to talk to about at the moment with having two similarly named teams on the grid.

What can we come to expect from this brand new car?

Lotus didn’t exactly punch their way into a fantastic place during the 2010 Formula 1 season but they managed to have a pretty decent stab at it. Hopefully now with the combined help of them and Renault they will not only deliver a competitive car but some pretty decent results in the 2011 Formula 1 season. The only new things we’ve unveiled lately are the new tracks and brand spanking new eco karts for Tower Bridge. You should check them out, because take it from me; they are insanely fun and just simply awesome.