New Season, New Rules, New Excitement for Formula 1 2011

Upcoming rule changes for the 2011 Formula 1 Season

27 June 2010

I mentioned about the f-duct being banned a couple of posts ago,

well it has been confirmed by the FIA this week. So it looks like no more dangerous one-handed driving, or in the case of Alonso, no more no-handed driving. The most exciting feature coming this season is the introduction of adjustable rear spoilers. The drivers will be allowed to dip their rear spoilers to allow them to gain a speed advantage to enable them to overtake. The fascinating thing about this, however, is the system to allow them to do this is only made active when the driver is within a 1 second margin of the car in front. This isn’t the only change coming in for the 2011 season, remember the 107% rule? If not let me fill you in. To qualify for a grid position each driver must reach a time that is within 107% of the fastest drivers qualifying lap time in their first qualifying lap. For example, let’s say I manage to get a time of 1 minute on my first qualifying lap and I’m the fastest driver for that round (goes without saying really.) In order for you to get a grid position you must get a lap time under 1:04.2 otherwise you won’t be able to race. How is this 107% rule going to affect Formula 1, well it’ll certainly give the slower teams a good kick up the rear to get their act together (there’s nothing worse than a slow car.) Other changes coming into effect are updated and clarified rules concerning overtaking when a safety car is on the track, following Michael Schumacher’s controversial decision to overtake Fernando Alonso and receiving a 25 second penalty. Also drivers have to drive their cars under their own power back into the pits after the slowing down lap with enough fuel for a sample to give to the marshals, this being provoked after Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying in Canada. Finally, we see the return of the Kers power-boost and energy storage systems which featured in the 2009 season. This system is enough to deliver another 80bhp to the engine at the drivers request, which will be useable for a limited amount of time per lap. This is only speculative at the moment as the only indication of this is the raising of the minimum weight limit of car and driver from 620Kg to 640Kg. Even with all these add-ons and modifications it still remains that the only thing you need to put in a car to make it go faster is me. Want to see if you can get inside the 107% qualifying margin for my times on the Team-Sport Karting tracks, if so check out the Kart-Champs Championship.