McLaren and Ferrari 'F-Duct', What do we think?

Looks like F-Duct's have been Banned for the 2011 season

11 May 2010

Mclaren have been using thier crafty version of the 'f-duct' since the start of the season to gain a decent straightline speed advantage.

The other teams, predictibly led by Ferrari have been moaning ever since! The point of the F-Duct is to send extra air down the length of the car onto the rear wing 'spoiling' the downforce normally achived and therfore giving the effect of making the car lighter with less drag. It really is quite a clever idea, however it did challenge a few of the rules intentions in the sport. The main one in debate wass that there are restrictions on adjustible aerodynamic devices. these are typically the kind found to adjust the andgle of the front wing by 6 degrees. The reason McLaren have gotten away with using the F-Duct is basically the loose definition of  'adjustible device' it seems. as the duct is actually controled by the driver phiscially changing the flow of air himself, this seems to fall into a rules loophole. In Spain we got to see Ferrari's own interpretation of the F-Duct, a different system to McLaren but with the same effect and results, giving them the top speeds at Barcelona. The Mclaren system lets the user use his left knee to cover over a tube that regulates air flowing through the cockpit.

Safety Concerns?

One of the bigger issues that has cropped up this weekend from Ferrari is thier system is controled by the back of the drivers left hand. The Ferrari version has raised some safety fears as the driver has to pretty much take his hand off the wheel to close the duct. Not a big issue in itself as there are many controls drivers use these days, but Alonso was seen using the F Duct with his left hand while changing brake balances with his right meaning he had very little control of the car at the same time. Now, I have driven the Camberley circuit using only my knees, so this doesnt sound too big an issue to me! :) ...but saying that the team-sport karts dont quite go 200mph! Aside from all the safety issues, What do people think about the concept of the F-Duct, a driver using his body parts to make the car go quicker rather than letting the machine do the power and the driver focus on driving? it seems to have divided opinion here so i would be interested to see what you lot think?