May the 1st is deadline for Bahrain Grand Prix decision

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Bahrain Grand Prix could be in hot water after recent troubles

28 April 2011

We’re only a few days away now from learning the fate of the Bahrain Grand Prix

and whether or not Formula 1 will be coming to the country this year to race. It’s been revealed recently that the Bahrainis have written an open letter, directed towards Bernie Ecclestone, urging him not to consider holding the race in Bahrain this year. As we should all be able to remember, it was due to political unrest in the country that the race was called off to start with. Now that this open-letter has surfaced it tells of how the Bahraini people still consider themselves repressed, and seeking freedom and the return of basic human rights. Until these quite simple conditions are met they feel that it would be disgraceful to hold the Grand Prix in the country. I think they have a completely valid and strong point to make, with which I hope Mr Ecclestone keeps in consideration. A Formula 1 Grand Prix is by no means a simple operation to host and to ignore such things as this letter depicting the current situation in Bahrain would very much be in everyone’s worst interest. Let’s hope Bernie takes the high road here and puts his foot down on standing up for what is most important; freedom and human rights.