Mark Webber and His Red Bull Team Get in a Pits Stop Practice

Formula 1 car proves to be quite an effective alarm clock.

7 July 2010

Mark Webber gave Parliament Square a rude awakening on Friday July 2nd

when he and his red bull team decided to get a bit of practice in with pit stops. The new viral video is making its rounds and shows a lighter side to the sport, it’s not all rules and regulations in Formula 1, as they show how it’s quite plausible to drive around the London street in a controlled manner in the waking hours of the weekday. The mask for this outing was quite literally how to get in some practice before Mark Webber races at Silverstone in the British Grand Prix, time is short and every available opportunity to train is essential. The whole team sounded thrilled to be out in front of Westminster in the morning; they also managed to pull off a very impressive pit time of 3.2 seconds. Check out the video over at Red Bull’s website:- Mark Webber and Red Bull Team Pit Stop in Parliament Square It was only just over a week ago that Mark Webber had an almost ill-fated disaster, when his car ran over the back wheel of the car in front and sent him skywards, flipping his vehicle and then spearing it into a tyre wall at a substantial speed. Thankfully he was unharmed and managed to walk away from the crash and by the looks of it totally un-phased about getting back behind the wheel and racing at Silverstone. I think we’re all looking really forward to the British Grand Prix; even Webber, whom I hope doesn’t have a repeat of last week’s aerial acrobatics; it'll be a good race to watch. I once tried to make a viral video for Team-Sport, unfortunately I left the lens cap on the camera and so all the footage of me jumping London bridge on a Go-Kart was lost. If you're in London why not while away the time until the British Grand Prix by coming to one of Teamsports amazing London Karting Tracks. Don't worry if you're outside London we also have 35 tracks nationwide to choose from