Kubica could return for season finale

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Robert Kubica could return to F1 before the end of the season

15 June 2011

Daniel Morelli, Kubica's manager believes that there is a possibility that the driver could be well enough to take part in the season finale in Brazil following his horrific accident during a rally in Italy last February.

We all know that Kubica is currently undergoing rehabilitation on his arms and legs and has been out of action since February. He has had to go through hours of surgery over the past few months and as things stand it seems that his recovery is progressing positively so far, despite Morelli admitting that their only main concern is his right hand.

The right leg is fine: if that was the problem, then Robert would be practically ready. We obviously are 100% committed behind Robert and I have offered to put in place all the rehabilitation on the racing side for him to be comfortable before making the decision.

With this in mind, his Renault team recently said that they are going to hold fire on making any moves on its 2012 driver line-up. If the outcome is looking unlikely that he will return Renault will have to begin to think about a replacement, but at the moment they are waiting to see Kubica's decision to see whether or not he will come back next year all things considered. We have been told he will be starting his full rehabilitation in August, which is quite late into the year so who knows whether or not he will be fit enough by the end of the season. I suppose nobody but Kubica himself can determine whether it is the right time to race again, after experiencing a major trauma like the one he did you have to take on board not only his physical but also his mental strength.