Karting tips for beginners

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Karting tips for beginners

5 June 2014

We all have to start somewhere when we begin our karting experience! Starting out can be tricky, but we’ve got some beginner’s tips that will turn you into the karting champion you aspire to be! At the beginning, it’s not about how fast you are but the techniques that you use and with technique comes speed and power in all the right places on the track! Here are Bruce’s top 5 tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Plan your drive path Planning your drive path as ‘out-in-out’ will help you maintain momentum. For example, stay on the outside of a bend and cut in at the apex. If you are just starting out, follow a fast driver and duplicate their line as much as possible. There’s a good chance they started in the same way.

Tip 2: Be smooth Learn to control the kart and don’t let it control you. Sliding and jerking the kart slows you down, so accelerate smoothly, break smoothly and maintain momentum around the whole track.

Tip 3: Learn your way around the track After your first few laps of warming up, try a practice lap. If you complete the lap without crashing, push your speed a bit more and you may gain a few seconds. If you crash, slow down and learn for next time where you can gain speed and time on the track and where you can’t.

Tip 4: Don’t crash! This sounds obvious, but when the track’s busy it’s easy to make a mistake that leads to a crash. Not only does it slow you down but you may also end up with a black flag and your race will be over!

Tip 5: Have fun! Don’t forget to enjoy the experience and most of all have fun! Have you found some karting tips that have helped you get to the top of your game? Let us know and join the chat with Bruce on Facebook!