Formula 1 Decisions on Where to Use DRS at Sepang

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Felipe Massa’s Concerns over DRS use at Sepang

6 April 2011

Here we are again back to talking about the new technologies that are finding their way into this season’s Grands Prix.

It’s a change from the norm of what to expect between races, from the usual car improvements over the stressing about how the FIA will rule on using the DRS at Sepang. It’s a fair comment though as the DRS could be the make or break at Sepang considering the length of the straights. Ferrari’s Felipe Massa has raised questions concerning the use of the system and where about it can be used. There are two straights at Sepang both with equal opportunity for overtaking using the DRS but what it comes down to is making sure that the sue of such a system on such long straights doesn’t impact the quality of the race and make it too easy for the drivers to make passes We’ll have to wait for a ruling from the FIA to find out how exactly it can be used. If it is used on both straights it will certainly make for an interesting race and hopefully we’ll see McLaren make use of the extra weeks’ time of having the KERS to improve their systems to keep up with Red Bull.