Formula 1 2011 to Finish in December causes upset

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Late Indian Grand Prix Not going down well with Mercedes

2 June 2011

The opinions and rumours have been twisted and misinterpreted more times than I care to think about, but that doesn’t stop them from being flown around the news and blogs like you’re favourite Frisbee.

This time we turn our attention to Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn who has said that hosting the final Grand Prix in the midst of December is “totally unacceptable”. He also tells us that most of the other teams agree with this. However, it was only recently that Bernie Ecclestone told us that the teams would be happy to welcome back the Bahrain Grand Prix. Now I know this lot are supposed to be a clever bunch of chaps so surely they would have put two and two together and realised that in order to fit Bahrain in, they would have to push the dates of the other Grand Prixs following it further back. I can only come to the conclusion that one of them is telling a slight porky. It’s a tough gig, to be in Formula 1 as part of the team. This move would mean they would be expected to work till after the 11 December Grand Prix and then straight back into the next season in January. This is only one of the problems the teams face but there are far more.