Bruce’s Favourite DIY Go Karts

Bruce’s Favourite DIY Go Karts

6 November 2014

Well here they are, my favourite DIY karts ever built, we all know we gave this a go when we were younger and I’m sure all of you can remember thundering down a hill totally out of control in a shopping trolley you’d converted to make into your superkart! From ones made of sticks to ones with Rocket boosters, there is definitely some inspiration for us from these genius engineering superstars! Great memories, I just wish I’d had a couple of these to test drive when I was younger, or even now!

These kids definitely look like they are having the most fun! Image source:

Be part of your own blockbuster with your very own Batman Tumbler go kart! Image source:

The classic! Everyone had a go at this when they were 10, such fun but so terrifying! Image source:

Don’t we all wish these were launched by Sainsburys! Food shopping would be so much more fun! Image source:

The Rocketman go kart! Will it go as fast as it looks, I’m not so sure! Image source:

Apparently the fastest Go-kart in the world that can reach a speed of 170mph! I don’t know about you but I want a go! Image source:

A carbon fibre electric go kart that weighs just 65 pounds! Plus once you’re finished racing you can fold it in half and pop it in the boot of your car! Image source:

Well everyone’s got to start somewhere; I don’t think this would be one I would be wanting to travel at speed in! Image source: If you’ve got any DIY Go kart favourites or one collecting dust in your garage, dust it off and share it with us as we’d love to see your creations!!??