Alonso takes British Grand Prix title

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Fernando Alonso Storms Silverstone GP

11 July 2011

Hopefully everybody tuned in for the British Grand Prix this weekend, so you will all know by know that Alonso gave Ferrari their first win of the season with a brilliant drive at Silverstone. It was an interesting race, not particularly edge of the seat viewing but still enjoyable to watch.

The race started with Webber in pole position and the race got underway in both half wet and dry conditions with all drivers beginning on intermediate tyres. As soon as the race began, Vettell unsurprisingly got the lead ahead of Webber and managed to get himself a comfortable lead pushing Webber to second an Alonso third. Hamilton didn't disappoint with an action packed race when he managed to make his way up from tenth position to tackle Massa for fourth early on. Sadly neither of the British drivers managed to make podium, and Button was forced to retire early on when he was sent out with his right front wheel not properly attached. We also saw a moment of hope when Vettel experienced a pit error with a delay in fitting the left-rear wheel, an extremely unusual mistake for RedBull to make, which enabled Alonso to pass and take the lead. The end of the race saw Vettel trying to fend off Webber which caused some controversy with Red Bull team principal ordering Webber to maintain the gap between himself and Webber in order to maintain the points for Red Bull. Not a happy Webber by all accounts who after the race told reporters that he wasn't at all fine with the decision. The end result saw Alonso in first place with Vettel in second and Webber in third. Overall a great result for Alonso who has now managed to match Jackie Stewart's number of 27 F1 wins in the British Grand Prix placing them fifth highest of all race wins and he also set the fastest lap placing him level with Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill and Stirling Moss.

  • 1. Alonso
  • 2. Vettel
  • 3. Webber
  • 4. Hamilton
  • 5. Massa
  • 6. Rosberg
  • 7. Perez
  • 8. Heidfield
  • 9. Schumacher
  • 10. Alguersuari