We are excited to announce the roll-out of our popular helmet camera hire to every TeamSport venue nationwide! Have you and your mates ever wanted to have a permanent reminder of the last time you hung out?! Well now you can, with our latest and most exciting add-on offer – HeadCam Hire! We’ve got enough HeadCams for everyone, on both adult and junior helmets, so make sure you get one for each of your group to capture the excitement from every position on the Grid!

Whether you’re new to the sport, looking to pick up a few pointers or planning to head to the track with a group of mates to celebrate a special occasion, you are now able to keep something that you will be able to look back on and who knows – you may find fame along the way by sharing it across your social media channels!

Use it to improve! Fancy yourself as one of our flying lap aces or think you could really use a video of your time out on track so that you can compare our racing line to yours then this is perfect for you too!

Click here to watch the most recent videos from our tracks!

How much does it cost?

Prices start from just £8.99pp to hire the cameras for your entire experience

Keep scrolling to check out the individual track prices listed at the bottom of the page.

How do I book?

All you need to do to hire our Helmet Cameras is ask a staff member at reception when you arrive at the track.

Do you already have your session booked with us? or are part of a large group and want to guarantee that there will be enough cameras to go round? Give us a call today so that one of our friendly sales team can help you add this to your session booking.

How does it work?

  • Whether you pre-booked your groups HeadCam's or you want to see if they are available on the day just mention it to a member of staff in reception when you arrive
  • If they are available our staff team will then make sure that they are ready to go by the time you take to the track
  • You jump in the karts and have an awesome time competing against others, capturing all the thrills and spills of your race!
  • Before you head off home a member of staff will direct you to the link where your video file will be ready and waiting
  • After a couple of hours you can check the link and find your video then download your race footage when it is ready
  • Now it's up to you! Feel free to watch, re-watch and share on your social media!

If you would like to make the video private or would like it removed just let our partners, Viewpoint Videos, know using the email below and they will do so.

The small print

Our Video Experience service is provided by Viewpoint Videos, if you have a question about anything regarding our HeadCam Hire or if after 48 hours your video is still not available then just drop an email to support@viewpointvideos.com