Would McLarens Lewis Hamilton be better off at Red Bull?

Former Formula 1 World Champions advice to Lewis Hamilton

5 July 2011

Formula 1 isn’t all about the celebrities taking up their position in the cars but also about the team behind those motoring stars.

Whether it be the mechanics and engineers who design each piece of the car down to intricate detail enabling the racers to drive at even faster speeds or the personnel responsible for organising any events, they’re all as equally as important as the next person. It’s not just their job to push their talents to the limit to give their teams’ drivers every benefit they possibly can but it’s also their passion. To build a bond with your team will result in a deep rooted partnership that will deliver results. So why would Lewis Hamilton be thinking of leaving McLaren for Red Bull? One can but only speculate what is going through that guys mind but former Formula 1 world champions have discouraged him from looking to finding a racing seat with Red Bull. Nigel Mansell and Jacques Villeneuve have both agreed that a move to Red Bull would not be in anyone’s interest. Lewis Hamilton belongs with the team that delivered him as a world champion and if he had some patience he’ll find himself there again.