25 May 2021

TeamSport is excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the incredible Molly Winfield. Our epic racer is entering the Formula Woman competition, which offers the prize of a fully funded, fully sponsored entry into the GT Cup Championship 2022, with 2 McLaren GT4 cars... an amazing opportunity for any budding racing driver.

Molly Winfield, from Nottingham, is a passionate motorsport enthusiast who’s loved everything racing for the last 7 years. Her passion began when her step dad introduced her to karting at the TeamSport Nottingham track back in early 2016. Since then she has loved the speed and thrill of racing competitively and on the odd occasion winning (who doesn't love winning?!).

In the space of a couple of months, she went from karting a few times in a year to karting at least once a week – the speed demon inside had been unleashed! She began competing in member events with us and managed to bag herself bronze, silver and gold trophies. – At that time, she was the only female racer to win, which made victory all the more exciting. After conquering her home track, she went on to try out the new TeamSport Sheffield and, much to her surprise, she bagged the lap record!

After 6 months of racing, Molly was keen to join the TeamSport team, but being only 14 at the time she had a couple of years to wait.. She decided to fit as much karting as possible into her life to make the time fly. In February 2018, her TeamSport journey finally began, when she accepted a job at our Nottingham track – hurrah! Molly worked two and a half years part time and then went on to work full time. In addition to general track duties, she was proud to undertake the role of cadet academy instructor and loved seeing kids grow and progress in motorsport. In recent months, Molly has started learning the mechanical side of karts and tries to do this whenever she has spare time to learn.

Despite achieving so much since working for TeamSport, being a racing driver has always been the ultimate goal, so whilst Covid had everyone in lockdown at home a friend sent the Formula Woman competition over to Molly and she was immediately inspired.

TeamSport will be following Molly's journey, so make sure you watch this space and follow our social channels to find out how she gets on.