Williams have unveiled their livery for 2011 Season

Williams Formula 1 team show off their colours for 2011

24 February 2011

Ok so it’s not exactly a huge change from their current livery,

but still I think they polished it up a bit and kept it looking pretty tidy. As with most livery updates the sponsor logos have had a bit of a shake-up, with the very prominent Philips logo being removed entirely due to the loss of their sponsorship along with RBS logo but fear not as they are to be replaced with PDVSA. PDVSA is a Venezuelan petroleum company and their logos are now displayed proudly on the engine cover and the rear spoiler of the new Williams FW33. Williams who revealed their FW33 back in Valencia have had a decent stint on the tracks for testing; this new livery is just a final decision on what the car will look like during the 2011 Formula 1 season. Racing for Williams this season will be Rubens Barichello and Pastor Maldonado the Venezuelan-born racer, no prizes for guessing where William’s new sponsors came from also! The pairing seems to be quite a decent match; however, it is still puzzling how they could let go of Nico Hulkenberg, who managed to do so well last season and was starting to show some real promise towards the end. Nonetheless I hope to see something good come out of Williams this year, they have a very good car and very dedicated team, it just remains to be seen whether or not the drivers are up to the challenge of aiming for those podium positions. The start of the season is almost upon us and we pretty much have all the teams sorted out now with their cars and liveries, it’s like we’ve opened up all our Christmas presents and all we need to do know is play with them.

Bahrain Updates

As far as testing is concerned with the Bahrain weekend, it may look like an extended stay at Barcelona for the time being although that is likely to change as it’s just speculation right now. Bernie Ecclestone would still like the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix to go ahead at a later date but as mentioned on my last blog this would mean having three Formula 1 weekends consecutively, which would not bode well for anyone really. Abu Dhabi have jumped into the mix and said that they are willing to move to accommodate the Bahrain Grand Prix. Initially the two middle-eastern countries had their race dates spread as far apart as possible to have as much media attention as possible centred on their countries but with the date changes this may longer be possible. With the extra wait for the F1 season to start, now would be a good time to get karting and show off some of those awesome skills, so book now at one of Team Sports 11 fantastic tracks.