Will Jenson Button Stay with McLaren with a new Contract?

A new contract could be on the table for Jenson Button

31 August 2011

We’re slowly approaching crunch time for Jenson Button as we near the cut-off date for McLaren to take up the option year of Jenson’s Services as part of their current deal. However, the news going round seems to suggest they’re holding off on taking advantage of that little perk as McLaren are writing up a new contract with which they hope Jenson will say yes to! Jenson has also hinted numerous times without making any official dedication that he is happy with the state of the car that he drives and the team he is working with. He’s also said that he’d be happy to race for McLaren in 2012 but whether he was referring to the option year or a new contract wasn’t clear. This is great news for McLaren fans; the British duo currently racing for McLaren seem to have a dynamic relationship, which albeit hasn’t been shining through these pat few races but has definitely given McLaren that star-studded attraction. Jenson Button would like commit to other motorsport formulas later on but for the immediate future it’s very likely we’ll be seeing him behind the wheel of that McLaren.