Whitmarsh confident of possible title steal for McLaren

Is the Drivers’ Championship out of reach for McLaren?

15 August 2011

The start of this Formula 1 championship season left all hopes and dreams shattered by Red Bull and their domineering attitude.

Alas we all thought hope was lost, but in a short period of time we have seen Red Bull’s stranglehold on the drivers’ championship slip ever so slightly. McLaren have really bucked up their ideas and started to show the world once again its force as they hunt down the top spots in each and every Grand Prix. Both drivers are relentless and determined, along with a team principle ready to push them to their limits. Hamilton and Button are both showing some fantastic driving skills and all it really comes down to now is who is going to make the mistakes. Red Bull has been caught napping on a few occasions and this has let the other teams take advantage. I’m behind the McLaren boys all the way; if they feel like they can catch Sebastian Vettel, narrow down the point’s gap and clutch victory out of what seemed to be an impossible feat then I’m for it! We’re less than 2 weeks away from the return of the Formula 1, so what will it have in store? Will Red Bull have a renewed life pumped into them and start dominating again? Or will McLaren or Ferrari pick up the pace and give Red Bull a run for their money?