Webber Wins First Race Of The Season

Mark Webber Finally Claims First Victory At Brazilian Grand Prix

28 November 2011

In a shock result over weekend, Webber has finally claimed his first victory of the season in Brazil for the last race of the year.

This is his first win since the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix. Webber absolutely stormed the race at Interlagos, but I can't say the same for Vettel who suffered gearbox problems which helped guide the way for his team mate to grab the lead position on the 29th lap. Vettel wasn't the only one with gearbox issues as Hamilton also suffered similar problems on his car and was forced to retire from the race early. Chris Horner believes that from the back of this race Webber will head into the winter with a new confidence in 2012

It is great that Mark has won a race, I think it would of been very very tough for him to have gone into the winter with Seb having won 11 races and Mark not having won a single race. So for him, arguably one of the best races to win the last race. It sets him up into the winter very nicely and he will go away and reflect on this year.

I believe this was a well deserved win, although it was a shame DRS ruined the Alonso/Button battle, that could of been a great fight to see. It would be nice to see DRS banned soon, I want to see exciting racing again and proper overtaking, one day soon hopefully..!

  • 1st Webber
  • 2nd Vettel
  • 3rd Button
  • 4th Alonso
  • 5th Massa
  • 6th Sutil
  • 7th Rosberg
  • 8th Paul di Resta
  • 9th Kobayashi
  • 10th Petrov