Webber Made Number two driver again?

Webber says British GP team orders were unnecessary

12 July 2011

A year on from his infamous quote 'Not bad for a number two driver' at the last British Grand Prix, Webber is now feeling not far off the mark after he received messages from the pits telling him to maintain his third position, despite the fact that he was clearly driving the faster Red Bull car.

But since the weekend there has undoubtedly been some backlash with Webber expressing his concern for the orders, and rightly so.

I wasn't happy with that because you should never give up in Formular 1, so I continued to push. The team was worried about Seb and me crashing because it wanted the points for the constructors' championship. I understand that but I wanted the points for Championship too and we proved that we can race without making contact.

But could we see this jeopardising Red Bull's chances of resigning Webber, as they have yet to agree on a contract for next season and were coming close to signing a new deal. However Backtracking, Christian Horner insists that Webber will be free to race for wins in the future, but also made it very clear that the biggest factor was about getting a team result. Seeing as Red Bull are pretty much unreachable in the team's competition, Webber does have the right to complain, it was a great opportunity missed at the weekend for him and Horner seems to be forgetting that the extra points to him could help put him second place at the end of the season.