Webber Dominates the Practice Sessions in Malaysia

Red Bull Seem to Have the Power Once Again

8 April 2011

It’s the beginning of the Malaysian Grand Prix and already Red Bull is showing off their prowess on the track.

Whether they have managed to make improvements to the car is unknown as of yet but what is clear is that Mark Webber is proving they are incredibly fast. Webber took the first practice by storm and set a lap time of 1m 37.651s, over one and a half seconds ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren. By second practice both McLarens had caught up with the pace and closed the gap on Mark Webbers now faster time of 1m 36.876s with Jenson Button’s 1m 36.881 and Lewis Hamilton’s 1m 37.010s. We can easily see now that the car s have a much closer time separation than in first practice but still Red Bull have the edge here and I think should they qualify in pole it will be incredibly hard for anyone to make a pass on them. The practices weren’t without a few mishaps though as first practice saw Petrov’s wheel come flying off in a rather dramatic fashion but to an otherwise unharmed driver. Liuzzi also suffered from an engine shutdown during second practice after running quite hard over some kurbing.