Webber Confident DRS Will Improve For Malaysian Grand Prix

Red Bull Driver Says DRS Will Be More Useful At Sepang

7 April 2011

What’s all this about the DRS again? Well it seems to be taking up all available news slots as of late,

giving way to other issues as headlining stories. It’s one of the defining characteristics for this Formula 1 season and as such demands a lot of attention, so what’s happening with it now? We haven’t really heard much about how each driver felt about the DRS during the Australian Grand Prix and how it translates to their lap times and overtaking opportunities but Mark Webber of Red Bull has said that he didn’t have as much use out of the system in Australia as he would have liked. Webber managed to catch up with Alonso a few times during the race and get within distance of Lewis Hamilton on one occasion but other than that lacked the speed to make full use of it. At Sepang it looks like the wing will be activated 200m before the final corner to allow for use down the whole of the start/finish straight, a much longer distance than in Australia. Practice starts tomorrow so we’ll be able to see just how well the drivers have improved their game on using this new tech.