Waiting for Airport News? Flights Cancelled? Come Karting!

What Volcano?

20 April 2010

I am really feeling sorry for you guys going on your holidays right about now or just trying to get a flight at the airport! Hours and hours of waiting and nothing much going on. I bet ome of you have even had to cancel your holidays because of all this nonsense? To try to brighten up your day, if you are flying (or trying to) from Gatwick and you need to take your mind of it all come Go Karting to kill some time! And if you show the guys at the centre your plane ticket - hey you will even get £5 off your karting session! > If you were flying from Gatwick - checkout the 2 tracks at Crawley it is only 2 Miles away!

You can check-in with the center's here. Remember, Volcano's might bring the airline industry to a halt, but it will take more than Molten Lava to stop you Karting!