Virgin splits with Nick Wirth

Marussia Virgin parts company with technical boss wirth

2 June 2011

Well this hasn't a good week for high profile jobs, after what can only be described as a poor start to the season Marussia Virgin has decided to end all dealings with Nick Wirth. This now means that he will be leaving his role as technical director

and they will no longer have in place their three year contract with WR Technology who has provided them with technical and design services. The situation is further complicated by the fact that not only was Wirth was a contractor, but is also a shareholder in the team. Supposedly the team had targeted reaching Q2 frequently this season, but so far have failed to start any higher than the tenth row during the first six races of the season. They are now set to drop their CFD development strategy which had allowed them to move into F1 in the first place, Wirth had the opportunity to prove that a car designed mainly with CFD would succeed in F1 but has failed to show his theory. Rumour has it however that the team has already began working on a series of developments and upgrades ready for the summer races which are currently passing from the design stage to the production stage. Renault director of engineering Pat Symonds has started to oversee the review of Virgin and will be in charge of plans for the 2012 car, which strikes me as strange seeing as though his ban from F1 is supposed to be until the end of 2012.