Vettel Triumphs in Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Red Bull propel Sebastian into the lead as Hamilton struggles

11 April 2011

The weather held up as the Formula 1 Grand Prix set into motion, the forecasted drizzle never came but I think everyone was going to keep an eye on the sky.

Saturdays qualifying saw Vettel qualify for pole position for the second Grand Prix running and he made great use of it. Lewis Hamilton proved to be incredibly fast in the qualifying but struggled to make waves in this Grand Prix. Vettel stated that it was important that he had a good start and I believe this is what gave him that all important edge on the whole race, had he not been so quick off the line it would have been a different story. Jenson Button managed to pull a pretty convincing place of second finishing ahead of Nick Heidfield’s Renault. Button’s tactics of playing a clam and comfortable race seem to be paying off with his results so far but if he wants to see the top of that podium and be in with a chance of winning the championship he’ll have to take it up a gear and really start to challenge Vettel. Mark Webber didn’t have the best of races and just missed out on a podium finish, making that two races now in which he’s been separated from his Red Bull teammate. It’s odd how Webber and Vettel are using exactly the same set-up but are producing two very different results, you really have to marvel at what Vettel has pulled out of the bag here as he really seems to be flying at the moment. Lewis Hamilton had an unsatisfying race that he quoted as “absolutely shocking” which he said came down to a few things including his own mistakes. He said there was a lack of communication with the pit wall on how and when his pit-stops will occur and generally just managed to get the strategy all a bit mixed up. Hamilton’s misfortune didn’t stop there though as he and former McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso had a bit of a bump.  The now Ferrari driver Alonso tried to pass Lewis which resulted in Alonso clipping the back tyres of Hamilton’s McLaren giving him major tyre problems. Alonso was fined a 20 second penalty for causing an unavoidable accident and Hamilton was given a penalty for an incident the previous lap where he swerved in two different directions defending his position from Alonso once again. So Vettel storms off into the championship lead after the second Formula 1 Grand Prix of 2011, there’s still everything to play for and we can only hope the two Englishmen at McLaren can make a dent in the German’s progress. The next Grand Prix is this coming weekend so we won’t have to wait long, but in the meantime why don’t you come on Karting at your favourite indoor Karting centre and show your friends who the king of the track really is.