Vettel Triumphs Again

Hamilton and Button’s Hopes Are Over

16 October 2012

Lewis Hamilton has said his fight for the Championship is now over after a disastrous race in Korea

. He finished tenth after qualifying in third position and is now 64 points off the lead. At lap 27 Lewis reported shredded tyres and was forced to make an early second pit stop. Things weren't much better for his team-mate Jenson Button who retired after a collision caused by Kamui Kobayashi – a furious Button retorted by calling him an ‘idiot’. Button said his hopes of a win are ‘definitely’ over. He is trailing 84 points off the lead. If the McLaren driver’s days were bad then the day of team principal, Martin Whitmarsh was horrendous! He told the BBC:

I can't really remember a worse day in the office. This was one of those days that I won't forget but I will be trying desperately to.

To add insult to injury, Hamilton came out and said:

In terms of winning, I think that's it for us. It's a day to forget. A year to forget as well. I'm looking forward to a fresh start next year.

Things however weren’t quite as bad for Vettel who celebrated a third win in a row, despite being repeatedly warned over the radio, during the last sprint that:

From now on you could be down to the cord on the right front. Be very careful under braking.

My heart goes out to Hamilton and Button and hope Hamilton dreams can come alive again when he joins Mercedes. Keep up the good work Vettel.