Vettel to Stay at Red Bull until the end of 2014

Any hopes Ferrari fans had of Vettel Joining their forces have been dashed

14 March 2011

The reigning F1 World Champion is said to have signed a contract, keeping him with Red Bull Renault racing team until the end of 2014.

He has been supported by the energy-drinks based F1 team since 1998 and was a graduate of the Red Bull Junior Team. Christian Horner the team principal for Red Bull has said that he’d like to see the team retain the services of Sebastian Vettel until 2028 and build the team around Sebastian. Apart from that sounding very much like a manly F1 hug it doesn’t bode well for anyone who would be Red Bull’s second driver. Although Vettel has expressed his thoughts concerning Ferrari and showing some slight temptation in wanting to drive one of the iconic red cars, but then again who could blame him right? It’s good to see that he has a dedication to the team that has given him the championship, it has verified the team as being a part of that win and it wasn’t just him, which in itself is a respectable quality. We shall see then how this develops over the next few years and what kind of a relationship is built within the Red Bull team.