Vettel fends off Hamilton for spanish victory

Vettel holds off Lewis Hamilton to win the spanish grand prix

23 May 2011

With a Grand Prix that began to look like it could buck the recent trend with Mark Webber gaining pole position, it turned out to be another predictable race

where we witnessed Sebastian Vettel secure his fourth win out of five at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain this weekend. Although it wasn't as easy as his previous wins as he had a fight on his hands from a determined Lewis Hamilton and a faulty KERS to deal with. The start of the race saw Alonso lead the first 18 laps, but he then struggled to hold onto his position after we saw pit stops from both Vettel and Hamilton, with Alonso choosing to stay out on the track meant he then dropped place to fifth behind Mark Webber, leaving Hamilton and Vettel battle it out for the lead. As the race continued Hamilton began to close onto the rear of the Red Bull driver and despite the fact that Vettel could only use his KERS occasionally and with Hamilton activating DRS, he was unable to get close enough to pass. They battled it out for the remaining race with Hamilton edging closer to Vettel in the closing laps, but he managed to hang onto the win by just 0.6 seconds.

  • 1. Vettel
  • 2. Hamilton
  • 3. Webber
  • 4. Button
  • 5. Alonso
  • 6. Rosberg
  • 7. Heidfield
  • 8. Massa
  • 9. Petrov
  • 10. Schumacher