Vettel claims first Monaco win

Sebastian Vettel seals his first win in monte carlo this weekend

31 May 2011

Well what a controversial weekend this has been, the Monaco Grand Prix is usually renowned for being flamboyant and it definitely did the job of living up

to its reputation! For starters we saw another remarkable pole drive by Vettel (who else of course) which has now placed him at the front for the fifth time this season. But this wasn’t the big news of that day, Sergio Perez was involved in a serious crash which completely mangled his Sauber but luckily he managed to escape serious injury with just a sprained thigh. The accident happened as Perez excited the tunnel at 175mph just minutes before qualifying ended on the wrong side of the track and his car deflected and hit a barrier and then into a tyre wall. That wasn’t the only crash of the day we also saw minor accidents from Nico Rosberg and Vitantonio Liuzzi aswell. On Sunday the famous streets of Monte Carlo witnessed a thrilling chase between the F1 drivers and a frustrated Hamilton who finished 6th place and was hit with three penalties after causing an incident and crashing into Massa and Maldonado. Hamilton got his qualifying time removed on saturday and was given two drive-through penalties in which he lost his cool with the stewards with a few ‘Ill-chosen words’ in front of the TV cameras…I would like to point out however, he has apologised since! Following a crash from Petrov, the flags came out and interrupted the Grand Prix which was to Vettels advantage after opting against pitting during the safety car period allowing him to gain track position over Jenson Button, who had already stopped twice by this point. The race then boiled down to a 6 lap sprint as Vettell went onto win with some comfort, 1.1 seconds ahead of Alonso who was followed by Button with a similar time cleared. It was a frustrating race to watch and for the Britons especially, the McLaren drivers showed some real pace this weekend. Alonso proved what a great champion he really is. However it was Vettel who remained consistent throughout , took a risk and further increased his World Championship advantage with this gutsy victory.

  • 1. Vettel
  • 2. Alonso
  • 3. Button
  • 4. Webber
  • 5. Kobayshi
  • 6. Hamilton
  • 7. Sutil
  • 8. Heidfield
  • 9. Barrichello
  • 10. Buemi