Tyre Degradation to Cause Confusion in 2011

Jarno Trulli has spoken out About Tyre Issues

23 March 2011

It seems like a lifetime ago since we last heard the roars of 20 Formula 1 cars tear round a Grand Prix

circuit but In only a few days’ time we’ll once again be treated to the symphony of engines screaming, that is until they have to pit again and again. Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a slight bit, but there is rumour going round that the early races could incur three to four pit-stops per car due to tyre wear. Jarno Trulli has said he is concerned that the amount of pit-stops needed would make it a pretty logistical headache, with upwards of 80 pit-stops across all drivers and teams. He goes on to say how reliable the tyres need to be in order for the driver to have a certain degree of efficiency and gauge ones performance on the track. Jarno and other drivers have said that they deny asking to have tyres that degrade quicker as they feel it would be bad for them as racers. It has been said recently that Pirelli are to take extra tyres to Australia just in case there is more wear than intended. Whatever happens, there’s enough going on without having to worry about the tyres so it’ll sure make for an interesting spectacle.