Top Gear puts best iRacing gamer in a real racing car

Greger Huttu from Finalnd has his racing debut.

4 January 2011

Ever wondered what happens when you put a gamer with all the talent and know-how of how to race a professional racing car simulation in an actual car? Well that’s exactly what the think-tanks over at Top Gear thought. Greger is the best iRacing driver in the world; iRacing is simulation game that mimics real-world physics more closely than any other game has ever done before. So it makes sense that he possesses all the technical knowledge to handle a real car. Greger was given the full use a proper race car along with a full team of engineers and the go ahead to go as fast as he could. He was flown over to the Road Atlanta circuit in Georgia USA, which he has racked up an impressive amount of laps of online; he knows the circuit inside-out and back-to-front, so he shouldn’t struggle with it. After a briefing and safety instructions he was ready to get stuck into the racing. Now remember this is a guy who has never even touched a proper race car let alone driven one, the fastest he’s ever gone in a car is on his commute back and forth from work in his reliable road car. That being said, as soon as the very first lap, he was already showing high levels of confidence and skill, with which he threw the car around the track at an impressive pace. He was still a little shy on the time, however, telemetry confirmed that his breaking points were spot on and it looked as if he was a seasoned veteran. Unfortunately the G-forces inflicted upon his body were too much after a couple of laps and he had to stop to be sick. After some motion sickness medicine and a couple of pep talks he was raring to get back into the cockpit and really push that car to the limits. With each lap his lap time shrunk, he was becoming more and more confident with the feel of the car, really getting it to grip to the track and push it as hard as he could. He was still a couple of seconds behind the professionals but he could no longer carry on. After a decent stint of about 20 laps the toll on his body was enormous, which just goes to show how fit racing drivers must be to continually race while enduring such intense forces all the time. This was a success though, in my books, I feel that it has shown that anyone can put their mind to racing and as long as you have the willpower and determination you’ll succeed. As for Greger, he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the USA and can go back to his friends and joke about how me was a fraction late on braking into turn 4 which cost he a few milliseconds on his lap. You don’t have to be an iRacing champ to be able to perform like Greger here, Karting is just a valuable sport to understand the basics with which you can learn to become a professional racing driver one day. So why not get booked now and start your career here at Team Sport.