The Leaders Debate? Vote for Bruce!


23 April 2010

I don’t know about you lot but I am getting a bit fed-up of all this politics in the News and on TV at the moment! The TV debates just show how far away from real people the political parties are...i don’t think i agree with any of them! So here’s my idea – Vote for me!! ....ok, ok, so it’s a little bit self fulfilling! But let’s face it, I get the feeling that a Bruce like me could easily do more good than any of those idiots! What do you think? Here’s my Manifesto: 1.    Introduction of St Bruce’s Day – Day off work for everyone! 2.    Free Karting for Everyone on St Bruce’s Day! 3.    Formula 1 is added to the national curriculum at schools 4.    All motorways have unlimited speed limits 5.    100 new karting centres opened across the country 6.    Karting added to the Olympics in 2012 As you can see a Vote for Bruce is a vote for Change Karting! > Don’t forget that the Crawley International Circuit is open tonight – all 3 levels of karting goodness! Click here to find out more and book tonight or any other Friday or Sunday night. Happy St George’s Day everyone!